Call for Donations

The HIIK is a non-profit organization, which depends completely on the tireless commitment of its researchers. Our researchers do not only work on a voluntary basis, but even pay an annual membership fee of 15 Euros to cover the costs of the institute’s most basic tasks (publication of the Conflict Barometer and the maintenance of the conflict data base).

The fruits of our work come to the benefit of first responders, mediators, academics, non-profit organizations, and a variety of private individuals (e.g. pupils, students, school teachers, artists), who seek concise and objective information on political conflicts. However, receiving inquiries from our ‘customers’ in the profit sector about the release of the new Conflict Barometer (which is to be published, regrettably, rather late this year), we get caught up by the paradox of reality.

The paradox is that the HIIK, despite its unique work, its past achievements and the considerable, international reputation it has gained over the last 25 years, remains a very fragile project that faces enormous problems with regards to its technical equipment and the maintainance and motivation of its volunteer-workforce.

Our lack of funding prevents us from programming the sophisticated data software highly needed to catch up with the theoretical level of our research. Instead of concentrating on the substantial elements of our work we spend much of our time fixing the most urgent programming needs, always depending on the good-heartedness of our computer-skilled friends.

Furthermore, the HIIK has the potential to pool the skills of about 200 researchers from more than 50 different countries and universities worldwide. Surely, not many institutes unite so many young and open-minded researchers from such a variety of disciplines in the study of political conflicts.

But this potential fails to be fully realized, as the HIIK still lacks appropriate software and conference technology. The constant vision of what could be realized keeps us working, but the longer it fails to materialize, the harder it gets for us to continue. We do not dedicate our time to the HIIK just to struggle with everyday’s technical and communication problems, but to jointly face the new challenges of the ever-changing subject matter of conflict. For sure, all voluntary work requires a fair degree of idealism, but there are limits and they become more and more visible to us.

So if you share our interest in a less tiresome and more productive future of the HIIK and its volontary researchers, please make a donation and help us to improve our work.

Sincerely, the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research

Conflict Barometer

The Conflict Barometer has been published since 1992 and is our annual analysis of the global conflict events and the main publication of the HIIK. Non-violent and violent crises, wars, coup d'etats as well as peace negotiations are observed in it. In the summary of the course of conflicts globally, the HIIK presents each year's developments in the form of texts and graphics. Therefore, the Global Conflict Panorama explains the general development, while the regional chapters give an insight into the conflict events in the Americas, Asia and Oceania, Europe, the Middle East and Maghreb as well as in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Conflict Barometer has gained an increased audience and academic renown since its initial publication. Likewise, the institute has grown consistently since its foundation in the early 1990s: Starting with no more than 20 staff members, the Conflict Barometer includes today the work of more than 120 researchers.. All researchers work in a voluntary capacity, dedicating themselves to the work of the HIIK alongside their studies or careers. The academic expertise is guaranteed by close institutional and personnel links to the Department of Political Science at the University of Heidelberg.

Our research leading to our annual publication is based entirely on voluntary work and, as such, is only financed by donations and membership fees. If you are pleased with our product and find it helpful to your purposes, kindly consider supporting our work. You are invited to contact us for find out more about the possibilities available. We are thankful for every donation!

Conflict Barometer 2014

  • You can download digital version of the Conflict Barometer 2014 (PDF) here and we are glad to be able to present it to you!

    The printed version of the Conflict Barometer 2014 can be ordered in the course of the next days.

Conflict Barometer 2013

  • You can download digital version of the Conflict Barometer 2013 (PDF) here and we are glad to be able to present it to you! Along with the usual regional and world maps you may find this year for the first time maps detailing conflict dynamics on a regional and monthly level. Members of the press as well as other interested readers are welcome to download our press kit, which contains all current maps and graphs.

    The printed version of the Conflict Barometer 2013 can be ordered here.

Interactive Conflict Barometer 2009

Konfliktbarometer Cover Based on the SMILE-Projekt, we provide an interactive version of the Conflict Barometer with a dynamic conflict map, timeline, and all conflict data. Apart from the visualization of the Barometer data, the application allows to filter according to different criteria.

We would like to thank Ryan Lee (MIT) and Lars Scheithauer for their invaluable support.