The Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research (HIIK) is an independent, non-profit, and interdisciplinary organization. Since 1991, we have been dedicating ourselves to the research on the emergence, dynamics and settlement of political conflicts worldwide. After strong growth in recent years, more than 200 volunteer researchers are currently working at the HIIK, including students, PhD candidates and alumni. Our funding is based solely on membership fees, donations, and the royalties on our publication.

Five departments build up the core of the HIIK, whose chairs constitute the HIIK’s board of directors. The five departments are: IT, Methodology, Communication, Editorial, and Finances & Law. They work on all the organizational matters necessary to ensure further research and publications by the institute.

Conflicts are assigned to one of five regional groups in which a total of over 200 conflict researchers work. The conflict regions are: Asia, the Middle East & Maghreb, the Americas, Sub-saharan Africa, and Europe. Regional heads take up the responsibility for around 5 – 25 conflicts in their respective region and support their team members with their research and text production.