With the 25th edition of the Conflict Barometer, the HIIK is continuing its annual series of reports covering global conflict dynamics. 2016 was marked by a further increase of violence in Syria and Yemen, where two new intrastate wars developed in addition to the six existing ones. By contrast, a decrease of violence was observed in the Philippines, the Central African Republic, and DR Congo, among others, although the countries continued to be affected by violent conflict. On the interstate level, the conflict between Pakistan and India intensified again after its temporary de-escalation in 2015. In total, 226 violent conflicts, of which 38 were highly violent, and 176 non-violent conflicts were observed.

This year, the HIIK officially introduces the new conflict type “transstate”, which refers to conflicts involving both state and non-state actors while meeting the criteria for a political conflict for at least two sovereign states. This methodological innovation comes as a response to the new empirical realities of the present decade, which could not be captured anymore by the existing state-centric typology.

The Conflict Barometer 2016 contains an extensive account of the activities of International and Regional Organizations aimed at conflict resolution. Furthermore, the report provides a detailed analysis of interstate conflicts.

The final version of the current Conflict Barometer 2016 can be downloaded below:

The Board of Directors would like to thank all contributors of this year’s report for their outstanding efforts and is especially grateful for all those who helped with the overall organization of the HIIK throughout the year.

The Board of Directors, February 2017