01/28/2017: Publication of the Conflict Barometer 2016

The Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research (HIIK) will publish its new data and analyses on political conflicts for the year 2016 on February 24, 2017! Save the date and visit us at Facebook and via Twitter (@HIIK_eV).

01/24/2017: Interview with the Ruprecht student newspaper

On January 24, the Heidelberg student newspaper published the article „Politische Druckmessung“ which deals with the work of the HIIK and includes an interview with a member of the board, Sara Engelberg.

For the article please follow the link: ruprecht Heidelberg student newspaper


01/13/2017: HIIK contribution for the Friedensforum

The Friedensforum published in early January its new issue 1/2017 which includes two articles of Klaus-Peter Becker, head of the MENA working group, and Raphael Bradenbrink, member of the Sub Saharan Africa working group. The article Somaliland „A story of success in a new light“ is only available in the print version whereas the article Yemen „The unknown war in the Middle East“ is published online (only in German language).

Article - The unknown war in the middle east

We would like to thank everyone for the cooperation!

11/16/2016: Movie Night „Tranquilandia“: Joint event of the HIIK and the university group of Amnesty International Heidelberg

On November 16, the university group of Amnesty International and the HIIK launched its joined movie night within the Latin America week in Heidelberg. The movie shown was "Tranquilandia", which focuses on the land stolen from farmers in Colombia and how difficult it is for them to regain their property.
As an opening, Americas member Marie Krannich gave a presentation about the conflict situation in Colombia.
For more information about the event, please visit the Homepage of Amnesty International Heidelberg: www.amnesty-heidelberg.de

11/13/2016: International Commemorative Mass on Volkstrauertag (German Day of National Mourning)

On this year’s Volkstrauertag, the HIIK yet again participated in the organization and preparation of the International Commemorative Mass of the Evangelical chapel in Heidelberg. In cooperation with the Manita gospel choir and the Center for Intercultural Understanding (AKIV), we remembered the victims and the dead of violence and war together with representatives from crisis regions like Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and the Philippines.

11/01/2016: HIIK blog launch

Our blog launches today! On a regular basis, HIIK researchers will comment on the development of individual conflicts. The focus will be on conflicts that receive less attention from the media. In this way, we want to offer ongoing insights into political conflicts worldwide and their backgrounds.

The blog can be found here: blog.hiik.de

10/29/2016: HIIK guest commentary for Frankfurter Rundschau

On October 29, the newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau published in the final issue of its column the HIIK guest commentary „Perseverance wins!“
In the article, our authors Simon Ellerbrock, Siad Akkam, and Klaus-Peter Becker provide an overview of the global conflict development in 2015-2016 and further address the issue of the persistence of political conflicts as well as the ways and obstacles for possible conflict solutions and peace processes.

10/22/2016: The HIIK at the LAKA Conference 2016

On October 22, board member Sara Engelberg and head of the MENA working group, Charlotte Felbinger represented the HIIK at the conference of the Baden Wuerttemberg branch of the communal migrant representation (LAKA) in the town hall of Heidelberg.
On this public event, the AMR umbrella organization, LAKA Baden Wuerttemberg, presented the first results of the workshops for the Youth2One project, which focuses on the topics flight, causes of flight, development cooperation, and integration.
Besides a HIIK presentation of the global conflict development in 2015-2016, representatives of the cooperating cities and communities shared their ideas, perspectives, and initiatives for their integration work.
We would like to thank the organizers for this conference and all representatives for their work and contribution!

09/23/2016: The HIIK at the F7 seminar of the Jusos Mannheim

On September 23, our head of working group for the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, Siad Akkam, held a presentation about the conflict situation in Syria with a follow-on UN simulation at the F7 seminar of the Jusos Mannheim. We would like to thank the organizers for the invitation, the various lectures, and the lively discussions!

09/15/2016: BMZ conference “Our World 2030 – Learning from the future!“

On September 15, the board members Jason Franz and Timo Werth joined the conference “Our World 2030 – Learning from the future!“ by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in Munich. We would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity to participate and all attendees for their interesting and instructive contributions to the discussions.

07/12/2016: Interview with Rheinische Post Düsseldorf

The government focuses on the elimination of leading figures. Doubts must be clearly raised about the chances of success of this strategy. An assessment of the ongoing war between the Mexican government and the drug cartels by our head of working group, Anna-Lena Schmidt: Read the Interview here.

(Photo: Pressreader)

07/08/2016: Offers for senior school classes

In cooperation with the Forum for International Security (FiS), the HIIK is now offering a variety of possibilities for school classes to get a first insight in the field of international security policy and conflict research.

Within the scope of the 'Jungen Universität' of Heidelberg University, Germany, the HIIK organizes presentations, workshops, and several projects to introduce our field of work to the students and to get them involved.

We are looking forward to this exchange!

More information here.

05/03/2016: Landau Peace Lecture: Presentation of the Conflict Barometer 2015

On May 3, Jasper Linke and Jakob Schultz presented the new Conflict Barometer 2015 at the Peace Lecture of the Friedensakademie Landau by giving an overview about the global conflict events of the last year, and talked about the conflict development in the Western Africa region.

We would like to thank the organizers of the Peace Lectures for this opportunity and we are looking forward to the next presentations!

More information on the presentation of the Conflict Barometer 2015 can be found here.

(Photo: Peace Academy Landau)

05/01/2016: Purchase of the Conflict Barometer 2015

Beside the possibility to download the new Conflict Barometer 2015, we also offer the printed version for sale. For more information please click here.

04/18/2016: Interview for Magazine of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna

For her latest article "Conflict and the Media", Natalie Tavadze interviewed HIIK researcher Elza Martinez about the reportorial bias surrounding the media coverage of global conflicts. Read the full article here.

(Foto: Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research)

02/26/2016: Event “Boko Haram – Radical Islamism in Western Africa“

Following the launch of the new Conflict Barometer, the HIIK and our colleagues from the Forum for International Security (FiS) presented their joint event “Boko Haram – Radical Islamism in Western Africa“. After an introduction to the HIIK’s methodological approach by Dr Christoph Trinn and a presentation of the research results of the latest developments in the Boko Haram conflict by HIIK member Sebastian Sieber, we welcomed Dr Franz Kogelmann of the Institute for Africa Studies of the University Bayreuth for a lecture about Boko Haram. We would like to thank all our speakers and guests for the exciting evening and their contributions to the topic of conflict development in Western Africa. More information about the event you will find here: www.facebook.com/fis.heidelberg.

(Photo: Forum for International Security)

02/26/2016: Interactive Conflict Barometer

Following the CoBa-Launch 2016, the alpha-version of the first interactive Conflict Barometer 2015 was also released today on hiik.23degree.org! Many thanks to our partners Feel the World for the opportunity to make the results of our research even better accessible and easier to visualize.

(Photo: 23degree.org)

02/26/2016: Launch of the Conflict Barometer 2015

We are pleased to present our latest publication of the „Conflict Barometer 2015“, which includes our recent data and analysis on the global conflict panorama. In 2015, we recorded a total of 409 conflicts, comprising 19 wars as in the previous year. Our most important findings, including those concerning the conflicts involving the Islamic State, newly erupted wars in Turkey, South Sudan and the Philippines are illustrated on various maps on regional and global level.

(Photo: Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research)

02/12/2016: HIIK Side Event at the Munich Security Conference 2016

On February 12, 2016, the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research (HIIK) hosted its side event on "Transnational Dimensions of Political Conflict in a Global Perspective" at the 52. Munich Security Conference, which took place from February 12 to 14 this year. During an informal lunch, the invited guests had the opportunity to learn about the HIIK and its work and, in a following discussion, to talk about transnational conflicts.

See the press release for more information.

(Photo: Munich Security Conference)