Dear representatives of the press, members, conflict researchers and interested persons,
due to increasing risk warnings about the spread of Covid-19 in Germany, the University of Heidelberg and the CATS will remain closed until April 19 and events have been canceled. Accordingly, tomorrow’s event on the publication of the Conflict Barometer 2019 in the Center for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS) in Heidelberg will not take place.

The good news: the publication of the 2019 Conflict Barometer remains unaffected. The document and the data set will be available for download from our website ( tomorrow at 12 noon. We are available for press inquiries or telephone interviews. Please contact

We are very sorry for the short-term cancellation and the fact that the conflict barometer 2019 will not initially be presented in a personal exchange with the public and our researchers. We would like to thank the speakers and invited guests for their interest in the 2019 Conflict Barometer and for the understanding they have shown in this situation.

In order to catch up on the knowledge about global conflict patterns and intensities in 2019 and at the same time to celebrate the institute’s 30th anniversary, the HIIK plans to hold another event in the second half of the year. More information will follow.

Board of the HIIK Marit Braunschweig, Ruben Ilyas, Michael Hebeisen, Mayely Müller, Ronja Gottschling, Anna Feiereisen