HIIK members give a workshop on the Mexican drug war

In the context of an academic weekend in Würzburg organized by scholarship holders of The German Academic Scholarship Foundation and Max Weber-Programm Bayern, our members Maximilian Herrmann and Michael Hebeisen held a workshop on “The Fight for The White Gold – Drug Wars and Their Consequences” in which they shared their research about actors, developments and strategies in the Mexican drug war. The participants gained insights in different aspects of the conflict and developed possible policy solutions.
In 2017, the country’s homicide rate reached its 20-year high, influenced by the drug-related conflicts in the country. Additionally, 2017 was marked by the highest number of fatalities since the beginning of the conflict in 2006.

The HIIK at the Paris Peace Forum

As member of the Board, Vincent Stüber represented the HIIK at an event on food security organized by Action contre la Faim, the World Food Programme (WFP), and the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in the course of the Paris Peace Forum 2018. The forum has been initiated by the French President Emmanuel Macron in oder to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

In the fishbowl format with Action contre la Faim’s CEO Véronique Andrieux and the French journalist Jean-Marc Illouz, the panelists discussed the importance of the UN Security Council’s resolution 2417 (2018) on the link between food security and conflicts and future avenues to reduce food insecurity. Vincent contributed analyses of the relation between food security and vicious cycles of violence.

We would like to thank Action contre la Faim for their invitation and the perfect organization of the event on this very important topic. Fora like this constitute a very valuable opportunity for exchange between research institutes such as the HIIK and organizations working in the field such as Action contre la Faim.